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Hi, I’m Becca.

I’m so glad to meet you. I’m a writer, blogger, and elementary school teacher from the Metro-Atlanta area.

My Story

I didn’t always share my writing. After getting married and starting a brand new job at 21, I quickly realized how the everyday moments of my life held more imperfection, beauty, and meaning than I ever thought possible. If, that is, I shared them. After a few years of wondering how to share, I finally answered a call that the Lord put on my heart. I started this blog. In these letters to you, I share the small lessons that I’m learning as I go. It’s an honor to have you read about the good, messy, and real things happening here. To read more into why I started this blog, click below to read more about the Sincerely Letters.

It’s you! You are so special to me. Why? Because with each letter I’ve written, I’ve thought about you. My hope is that the words inside of them touch your heart in some way. And that they inspire you to share your story, too.

Be Featured to Share Your Story

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about writing these letters is when my words align with someone else’s story. They are powerfully moving things, these stories we tell. Aren’t they? It’s amazing how one person’s words can ignite positive change in someone else’s life.
If you have a story or message about life that you’d like featured on my blog, reach out to see how you can share your story with me. The world is waiting to hear from you.

Fun Facts

I am a 6w7 on the Enneagram

I have a Master’s degree in Education

I am apart of a small PCA church that I love

I have 4 cats and accept all stigma that comes with that

I’ve been married to Ben for 4 years

I have 7 amazing nieces and nephews

I still watch Little House on the Prairie re-runs

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