About The Letters


Hi, friend. I’ve been thinking about you often!

You, the person in need of something to do.

You, the person longing for encouragement or a fresh perspective.

You, the person trying to find someone who might understand.

You, the person in need of a chuckle.

You, the person with an amazing story to tell without the words to tell it.

You made it!


If you’re like me, you are learning as you go.

That is, learning about people, yourself, marriage, relationships, work, taxes . . . and all the other ordinary and incredible things life offers us.

How I wish the day-to-day would be easier than it is sometimes. But that’s why I write my letters, after all. To process the difficult, silly, or life-changing things I am walking through. And hopefully, to help you walk through them, too.

In many ways, these letters are ones I wrote to myself through various seasons of ordinary life. Some of them contain tips and advice on daily life. Other letters extend a hand of empathy – one that says, “I understand. I’ve been there, too.”

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“Empathy is a gift of validation that, no matter how many times it is given, always returns us to our own truth.
Empathy heals another at exactly the same time it is healing me.”

Brené Brown


To help you find the perfect letter about life, you can start by choosing a category. There are 3 categories for whatever you’re feeling.

  • Self-Growth
  • Marriage and Family
  • Playful

Self-Growth Letters

The self-growth letters are the largest collection of letters on the blog. With various topics from feelings of guilt to waiting on your dream, my hope is that these letters give you some practical tips and offer encouragement.

Marriage and Family Letters

The marriage and family letters offer sentiments about life at home. One of my favorite things to write about is marriage and relationships, probably because I’ve found it’s often a source of shame. In turn, it becomes source of silence. As I develop the courage to write on these vulnerable topics, I hope you find connection for your own relationships.

Playful Letters

To bring a lighthearted smile to your face, I have playful letters. Why? Because one of the biggest lessons about life is to laugh more . . . even at ourselves! Hopefully, some of these letters give you a chuckle and remind you to smile today.


No one likes a one-sided conversation! If you connect to a letter or would like to share your own story, please reach out via email or on Instagram!

Rebecca Brown
Instagram: @sincerely.letters

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