A Conversation with an Angel

Losing a Loved One

Dedicated to Brooklyn Baker. May God comfort you with every good thing until you see Chris again.

“Today, you have a most important mission,” God said seriously, as He looked kindly into the angel’s eyes. He placed down His pen in the seam of the book. “Your job is to carry someone home.”

The angel replied, “Of course, God. I will do whatever you ask. But won’t the ones left behind miss him?”

God looked gently on the angel, compassion in His face and said, “Yes, they will. They will miss him very much.”

The angel replied thoughtfully, “Could I ask something of you, God?”


The angel’s worried eyes looked towards the Earth. “It’s about the ones left behind. Could you write something into their story? Something that will help them through the days ahead?”

God took hold of his pen and wrote softly, tears in His eyes.

“Through this soul-piercing part of the story, I will give them the sun. When they feel its warmth and see its light, they will be encouraged to look to the heavens. They will remember I haven’t left them alone.”

“The sun is good,” the angel replied, “but what about when they become too weary to carry on in their stories?” 

God put the pen to His cheek thoughtfully and continued writing, “For the times when their weariness threatens to take them over, I will give them rain. This is to remind them that even in the darkness, I am covering them. My rain will help them remember they are surrounded. That they are being showered with my love.”

The angel nodded, “Rain is good. But God, what about when the heartache for their loved one becomes too much to bear, and loneliness settles in? What then?”

At this, God smiled softly and scribbled down a few more words. “In these moments,” He replied, “I will give them people. Some who have walked similar paths and can provide them with the gift of understanding. Others who have never ventured down paths like this, but can provide the offering of empathy. And then others who will surround them with support until they rise out of their loneliness with a confident hope.”

The angel grew taller in his position and nodded with clarity. Clearing his throat, he responded meekly, “People are good. But God, what about the ending? How will they get through the whole story without knowing the ending?”

God looked up from His book and stared lovingly into the angel’s concerned face. He whispered, “My angel, to get through this story, they must know one thing. I am still writing.” 

The angel asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

God replied, “I am not finished writing their story. With each passing day, I will keep writing it. I will be by their side through every chapter. There will not be a single page they will face alone.”

With that, the angel asked one last question of his God. “What will you give them to remind them of this?”

God paused and studied his book for several moments. Finally, He said, “To remind them that I’m still writing, I will give them words. Their words will become anthems of hope for all who are in the midst of difficult chapters. And when they are ready, they will use these words to share their story to the world.”

The angel swallowed and wiped away a tear. “Words,” he replied, “are great. They will be the greatest gift of all. Through their words, the one that’s coming home will never be forgotten. His story will be told for generations. His presence on Earth will proclaim Your goodness and love. And those words? They will breathe life into someone’s failing faith.”

God smiled brightly as He embraced the angel with love.

Then, He picked up His pen and softly turned the page.

To donate to Brooklyn Baker during this difficult chapter, please click the link to her GoFundMe. https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-chris-baker039s-wife-brooklyn


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