Best Simple Cocktails for Each Season

Sober Curious

Dearest Readers,

I was sitting on the beach reading an article in a magazine that struck my eye.

Getting Sober-Curious is the New Dry January.

Naturally, that phrase caught my eye – “sober curious.”

It basically says that instead of going completely sober, go ‘sober curious’, or every time you want to pour a glass of alcohol, ask yourself why you want it. Do you want it because you’ve had a stressful day? Are you bored? Are you happy? If the answer to the questions are reasons you feel are acceptable for a drink, then drink. If not, then hold off. 

Somewhat amused by the thought, I began looking into fun mocktails and decided I would give it a go when we get back from spring break. Because — hello — the article said these mocktails do the same job as the alcohol, and you feel great and are more energized. 

Three days later, spring break ended and it was back to the grind. I got to work early, prepped all my materials, greeted the children with enthusiasm, taught long and hard, and sent them on their merry way. I stayed a couple hours after school to prep for upcoming testing and make a few phonecalls.

Then, on my way home I decided what I wanted for dinner and stopped by the grocery store. And alas . . . the wine section caught my eye.

“YES!” I thought, “This is the perfect opportunity to try my first ‘sober curious’ assessment.”

So, I paused in the aisle. I cleared my mind. I closed my eyes. I asked myself, “Becca, why do you want this wine right now?”

This is when I took a hard left down the aisle with the Sauvignon Blanc and said,

“Because I want the damn wine.” 

And that was my attempt at being sober curious. 

Sincerely (un)sober,


My Favorite Seasonal Cocktails

Party Cocktail

Raspberry Rum Punch

adapted from mom’s famous party punch recipe

3 parts punch, 2 parts rum

  • 1 can frozen raspberry juice cocktail
  • 1 part Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • 2 parts Bacardi Rum
  • topped with sherbet ice cream
  • ice

Summer Cocktail

Blue Ivy

stolen and renamed from Ms. Becky’s famous beach cocktail

  • 3 parts Lemonade
  • 1 part blueberry vodka
  • ice

Spring Cocktail

Augusta Sweet Tea

stolen and renamed from Cheddar’s Texas Tea recipe

  • 3 parts peach lemonade
  • 1 shot Firefly Vodka
  • 1 shot regular Vodka
  • 1/2 shot Amaretto
  • splash of Coke
  • ice

Winter/Fall Cocktail

Princess Margaret Tea

stolen and renamed from the bartender at the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper, GA

  • cup of any hot black tea
  • 1/3 part Amaretto
  • Optional: milk/cream

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